Maziar & Fatima

(destination wedding trailer)

Manolis & Fenia

(destination wedding trailer)

Α fantastic wedding took place on the enchanting island of Rhodes. Manolis and Fenia confirmed their love in a fantastic event that will be unforgettable. From Fenia’s wedding dress, Manolis’ suit to the last detail, everything had a unique touch. Thank you Fenia and Manolis for the excellent cooperation.

Theodore & Zenia

(destination wedding trailer)

Τhree separate days we shared together with Theodore and Zenia.We learned about their love story, we were moved, we laughed, we had fun, but above all we became part of such a special story.

Georgia & Nicholas

(destination wedding trailer)

Under the August sun of Rhodes, Georgia and Nicholas shared this unique day with us. A really very special day as the organization was excellent and the couple declared their love for us every moment we filmed.Georgia and Nicholas… we wish your life to be as happy as you were on that unique day !

Nikos & Marilena

(destination wedding trailer)

Under the summer sky of the island of Tinos in Greece Nikos and Marilena Mavilis made us feel again and again the unique feeling of love. We had two fantastic days together and we shared moments from the past and the present. We became friends and through this journey we present to you the wedding trailer.

Panagiotis & Tharreni

(destination wedding trailer)

Two people who met at university and their love remained unchanged over the years shared their story with us. Two special days together with Panagiotis and Tharreni in a fantastic wedding with guests from all corners of Greece. We felt the amazing feeling when two people look at each other and time stops for them. Panagioti & Tharreni we wish you always be happy !

Jasmina & Nicolas

(destination wedding trailer)

It was a special day for us… We filmed a unique couple under the August sky of the island of Rhodes. Jasmina & Nicolas shared their love with us on a day we will remember forever. The location where the wedding took place was dreamlike and the reception took place at the distinct springs of Kallithea.

Minas & Amalia

(wedding trailer)

At the wedding of Minas and Amalia we experienced the feeling of endless and massive love! It is the moment when you are in a place and as you look around you see people who feel so much joy and love for the couple! It was really impressive! The party was one of those things you did not want to end! We are grateful that we were part of such a unique day !

Theodosis / Konstantinos

(baptism trailer)

What happiness …. A special event took place in the magnificent ”Ktima Lindos” on the island of Rhodes. Theodosis gave us special moments with his smile and his childlike innocence. The wonderful parents of Theodosis had organized exceptionally all day! Niko & Eugenia we wish you to always be happy with Theodosis . Thank you for sharing this unique day with us !

Perfume Of Love

(Styled Shoot)

A wedding styled shoot took place on the enchanting Island of Rhodes. The unique decorations, the very beautiful wedding dresses and suits and the amazing creations of the wedding professionals gave us the perfect material to create special emotional images full of sparkle !

George & Vicky

(wedding trailer)

George and Vicky’s wedding was special! The preparation started a year ago as the couple wanted everything to be perfect on their wedding day. It is very important that the couple is in the mood for shooting for this and we thank them for giving us a special experience. We wish Love and Happiness !