Theodore & Zenia

(wedding trailer)

Vagelis / Elena & Anastasia

(wedding & baptism trailer)

Getting to know Vangelis and Elena we immediately realized that is a very passionate couple but at the same time we understood Vangelis’ passion for cars. We had a wonderful time with these two days but also with Anastasia who every time she looked us we were smiling with her innocence and her beauty.

Nikos & Marilena

(destination wedding trailer)

Under the summer sky of the island of Tinos in Greece Nikos and Marilena Mavilis made us feel again and again the unique feeling of love. We had two fantastic days together and we shared moments from the past and the present. We became friends and through this journey we present to you the wedding trailer.

Vasilis & Konstantina

(wedding trailer)

This is the time when the wedding planning goes to another level…. It was a great honor for us to record this event. Vasilis & Constantina Thank you for your excellent cooperation.We wish you a life full of joy !!!


(baptism trailer)

The baptism of little Anna is one of the cases where we manage to record a baby’s journey from birth to baptism. A fantastic baptism by two separate parents. We had the great pleasure of getting to know them very well and understanding through our discussions the value it had for them and much more for little Anna to capture such a unique journey.

Christina & Andrei

(destination wedding trailer)

The wedding of Andrei & Cristina took place in a fantastic location, in Anavyssos of Athens. One of the most romantic weddings we have capture in the heart of summer!

Dimitris & Maria

(wedding trailer)

Dimitris and Maria are two great people. We had a wonderful day and shared our feelings with them! Their wedding took place at a magical location in Agios Nikolaos in Anavyssos and the party afterwards found us dancing with them on the beach as it was the only way to follow the rhythm of the night. Really an unforgettable night!

Spiros & Maria

(destination wedding Trailer)

Our trip to the Messinia of the Peloponnese allowed us to once again enjoy the beauty of Greece. Spyros and Maria got married on the beach in a very summer setting and danced under the full moon of the August sky.

Giannis / Megan & Athina

(wedding & baptism trailer)

The beautiful marriage of John and Megan together with the baptism of Athena took place in Attica. If we had to describe this couple in one word it would be » love »! It is from the moments when you see two people looking at each other and time just freezes while the innocence of little Athena kept us smiling.